Notable Transactions

Buy(s) – THB 165mn

  • BGH – Directors buy another thb 30 mn worth of shares, I’m still thinking 200+
  • BLA – Stock had fallen out of love for the past month, however the underlying business still seems to be growing strongly
  • SIRI – Same story as before…K. Srettha here is merely swapping shares from his private investment vehicle to be placed under his name

Sell(s) – THB 170 mn

  • BLAND – K. Anantttttttttt, oh no, oops different family member
  • MACO – A director takes profit here, now we’ve always liked MACO as a company but never had found its stock appealing even though it had always been trading @ 10x PE with a 6% ish yield, we never saw its potential to grow more than 10% p.a. However the rumour mill has it that VGI would acquire MACO.
  • SIRI – See above

130220 mgmt_trades

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