Notable Transactions

Buy(s) THB 1.4 bn

  • ORI – Oh wow thats a YUGE buy.
  • SKR – off the market transaction? Bought from?
  • BRI – Wife buys ORI, husband buys BRI.
  • BDMS – Been a long time since any of the founding family members bought shares.
  • SIAM – Interesting….it’s been a while since I’ve looked at this name, several directors and family members buying.
  • WHAIR – Founder loves her yield?
  • DPAINT – Rare to see a buy here
  • PSG – What is this company? Why is it so highly valued? A pol gen buys shares…well…ok….he is the chairman of the AC…
  • SABUY – Ah he finally bought…after dumping the shares (along with several others – apparently to have capital to exercise the warrants…we shall see)
  • RS – Now they have an IPO coming of their AMC holding – but from what I’ve heard there’s a lot of question marks about the quality of the AMC….

Sell(s) THB 23.5 bn

  • AWC – To which entity did they transfer these shares?
  • ONEE – Constant selling – unless there is a change in business model, I don’t see a future for them.
  • AS – Looks like he’s leaving.
  • HL – Rare to see a sell here, seems to be a great operator. But valuation is a q mark.
  • SKR – Interesting, one group selling, another buying. At quite a wide spread.
  • SIAM – Similar to SKR.
  • HMPRO – Probably going to retire – hence the big share sale.
  • ZIGA – CEO Dumps some shares.
  • SABUY – Cancels out the purchase above – seriously what is SABUY’s business model???
  • AAV – China re-opening isn’t a good enough reason for the CEO to keep his shares.
  • CRANE – Another rare transaction – but the share price movement recently has been…well…typical for CRANE.

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