Notable Transactions – Just go through the list – a lot owners/directors are nibbling back into the market.

Buy(s) THB 926 mn

  • KOOL – Looks like the major shareholder increased his stake to 25% via a PP
  • GUNKUL – Not often you see him buying, recently they’ve partnered with JMART and GULF.
  • GULF – Oh Crony capitalism #1 is back to buying
  • SPALI – The family continues to keep buying back their shares
  • SABUY – And he’s still buying back his shares
  • DTAC – The founder of DTAC continues to accumulate
  • JMART – Adisak is really piling into his own co, just have a look at how much he’s bought on the market over the past 12 months.
  • ASIAN – They’ve continued go grow and grow and become a decently sized agri co…the ceo still thinks there’s more space to go…

Sell(s) THB 92 mn

  • MORE – Dodgy dodgy dodgy – trade/invest in anything related to this with a high degree of suspicion – unless you’re part of the game.

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