Notable transactions

Buy(s) THB 606 mn

  • BDMS – Massive buying again!
  • COL – Now this interesting, I’ve always wondered when or how this company will be able to be successful. Would Central Group shove its Lazada purchase into COL?
  • PLANB – Their 1Q #’s were awful hence the ~20% drop in share price, but the owners seem to still believe in its future

Sell(s) THB 8.2 bn

  • AAV – Boom the huge sale to King Power
  • KSL – Are they still afraid of sugar prices?
  • IHL – The MD sells some 2% of outstanding shares


  1. All producers, e.g., KSL, hedge–buy/sell forward. In reality, this is a punt–with luck, an informed one–as is its doppelganger, “speculation” which gets the bad press and without which the hedge would have no counterpart. KSL seem to have played it very “conservative,” hence the exit despite spot prices, and will be on the sidelines of future price rises (and falls). It was an OK run, 30%. But wouldn’t you like to see the book at Mitr Phol. Which is unlisted. Damn.

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