Notable transactions

Buy(s) THB 303mn

  • EARTH – Rather odd trading activities yet again by this company.
  • BDMS- Perhaps he has nothing else to do with his funds other than constantly repurchasing shares in BDMS and BA – then again isn’t this a +ve?

Sell(s) THB 542

  • AMATA – Quite the huge block sale by the founder, THB 300 mn, wonder who bought it? And why would he sell such a sizeable stake?
  • EARTH – See above


  1. Interesting to see insider activity for MCS. The stock has made me dizzy with its gyrations, since you wrote about it. I bought in at 9.75 and was then fortunate to average down at 9.20. My long term holds ( subject to irrestible cap. gains) are: MCS,JBCHI,SIRI,STPI, SITHAI,SVI, and I’m taking a punt on U. I like BTS, I’ve traded it, previously); but I’d prefer to own it at a cost lower than current market. Happy to get anybody’s comments,

    • They have their backlog secured for the next few years, only potential reason for its little drop last week is bc analysts didn’t love the response to questions re the potential use of cash on the b/s (~20% of assets)

  2. SIRI? you got in near the bottom I hope? I took a position in SVI at 3.88 baht but its not one of my larger stakes. Will likely hold until my last breath!

    No comment on the rest, but I’d be interested to know more about MCS, since the steel sector responded beautifully last week due to a proposed tax change.

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