Notable Transactions

Earnings season is over and they’re all back to buying/selling

Buy(s) THB 287 mn

  • BRI – So is there more upside in BRI than ORI?
  • BANPU – Does the founder actually want this company to attain its potential?
  • SIRI – The new CEO bought a fair amount of shares. Note he’s been here @siri and then over at XPG and back again to Siri…

Sell(s) THB 1 bn

  • BDMS – Retail/rumour mills were all over the place last week saying that’s selling out permanently, if you go through the history of management sales, he’s been dumping for years.
  • MENA – A POS list addition…
  • RAM – Must’ve been a block sale to…?
  • D – This director has sold 20% of her sales, always wondered why the dentist plays haven’t performed well.

  1. I’m happy to see some bottom feeding at BRI. Thought I had made a mistake; holding both BRI and ORI the latter is supposed to deliver some IPO news this year.

    • I have no idea how these names are going to perform over the coming 12 months, but the set up industry wise is ok. Reduced competition, demand for SDH’s + the usual good value/location properties remain.

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