Notable Transactions

Buy(s) THB 790 mn

  • BTS – Family keeps buying it up…I don’t see what else could go wrong..this is where the shares pre the Infra REIT
  • SSP – Big lots, but is there 24 mn shares missing somewhere?
  • SPALI – And the real estate power couple still keeps buying
  • CHOW – Major shareholders buys another 1%+
  • SPA – This Director buys up shares
  • EKH – This Director nibbles into the shares
  • GUNKUL – And he’s still buying up the shares…and it still has the stink of the land issue.

Sell(s) THB 585 mn

  • SSP – See above
  • APCO – What up w/ this funny co…..just look at their latest project…distributing something called BYEBYEHIV in Nigeria…
  • EKH – I would’ve said it’s a swap but it wasn’t 1:1..

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