AOT on reclamation of certain commercial areas (SAT-1 at SIA & Phuket) 1,588 sq.m. to improve facilities & increase passenger waiting areas following the suggestions of Skytrax with effective July 1, reclamation of areas might cause a decrease of Bt1.015m/month for office & state property rent for (FY24/25) and decrease of Bt74m & Bt19m per month in min guarantee revenue from King Power Duty Free at SIA & Phuket international airport, said in filing.

Comment: They just gave up….their money…to King Power. Are you surprised?

BGRIM signed 35mw solar rooftop PPA with Zhongce Rubber (TH) in Amata City IE Rayoung.

ITEL’s board approved listing of IT solutions subsidiary, Blue Solutions, exploring new biz that can leverage digital infra to maximize existing resources, reduce duplication of budgets, plans to roll out value added services including data analytics tool, cyber security, drone and anti-drone solutions, tele solutions over 3-5 years.

Comment: Quietly stacking cashflows..

PRINC’s chairman, Satit Viddayakorn, resigned from chairman and directorship of the co and all subsidiaries effective Jun 21 onwards aft SEC says 6 people manipulated share price, imposed Bt426m.

Comment: HAH! Just like BDMS…(that’s where ..oh …defamation risk? f it…that’s where the father of Satit came from, and BDMS founders were caught screwing around with BDMS and BA share prices as well)

STEC mulls restructuring business to holding co., (STECON GROUP) to hv effective control in data center, power business and construction business, target completion by end of 3Q.

Comment: They should restructure Anutin instead.

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