Notable Transactions – Now that earnings season is over they are all back to buying/selling

Buy(s) THB 680 mn

  • JMART – Holy $hit. He and his son are still accumulating
  • MEGA – Thats a rare massive purchase by one the GP group family
  • SA – The fact that they are still solvent is impressive, but this is a left pocket right pocket transaction
  • ORI – The wife still thinks they have a chance
  • DTAC – The founder of DTAC decides to put one of his ferraris’ into the shares
  • SENA – Slowly and methodically this lady has grown SENA

Sell(s) THB 244 mn

  • SA – See above
  1. Pon, in your opinion, does the insider purchase of DTAC shares have any relevance to the onging saga to get approval of the merger between DTAC & TRUE. ? As you write – ”it’s a drop in the bucket” for these guys. 🙂 Tia.

    • I still hold to the viewpoint that the deal goes ahead. So yes he probably has an idea of the probability of the merger occuring.

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