And so is it done?

(what are you talking about?)

Ah yes, the Russia/Ukraine war, the slap heard around the world, the monkeypox fear, the interest rate hikes in the Anglo-Saxon world, all the above.

I would say, yes to all but the interest rates, there’s still another month or 2 of noise to come from the US and I have no idea how sucking liquidity out of capital markets is going to be a positive. But I’ll flip it to a different viewpoint, the sectors/companies that are cash rich/benefit from an uncertain period or are just throwing out consistently solid earnings/cf should attract the capital away from those that are being dumped.

I’ve read years ago, don’t remember the source, but the risks in equities are 1. Company 2. Industry 3. Local equity market 4. Regional equities market 5. Global equities market and finally 6. All capital markets. There’s a lot of layers to work through when defining the risk of an investment. Let’s see, I love these volatile periods.

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