Notable Transactions

Earnings season is over and there’s a tonne of small management buying across the board.

Buy(s) THB 179 mn

  • SGP – This Director bought.
  • SUPER – He’s back to buying his shares, interesting that we have never seen him sell. (from memory…)

Sell(s) THB 65 mn

  • N/a
  1. never figured out Super.Used to own the Fund, for yield. I see my dear friend Khun Adara always seem to be bottom feeding on ORI. me too. missed the IPO for PRI, which has gone gang-busters, for no apparent reason. after shooting myself on the foot, buying that POS BTG, I am planning to participate in some genuine IPO’s this year. I understand ORI may do a spin-off of the hotel property/Mgt division. I’ve grown to like this company – but will not be sending any money home for the sick buffalo. I made very good money on PTTOR. Any thoughts on its cap. expansion? Bit worried – do they know what they doing with their chicken franchise, abroad? tia

    • ORI – I am impressed that they’re still alive given all the leverage that they have at practically each business unit and condos, and several off balance sheet financing structures.
      PTTOR cap expansion? Not sure that this is correct.

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