Week 27/02 – 03/03

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DIG VN: the Government Inspectorate decided to inspect the observance of legal provisions in the equitization and divestment of state capital at DIG.

Comment: Hahaha, it’s all happening…”invest in VN, its great they say…”

DGC VN: Dragon Capital sold 500,000 shares of DGC on February 28th, 2023. It is estimated that Dragon Capital fund gained VND25 bn, thereby reducing its ownership rate to 5.88% (equivalent to more than 22.3 mn shares).

Comment: They’re late to the game to reduce their stake.

FMC VN: announced its business results in February 2023 with overall sales of $13.4 mn (+19% YoY, but -12% MoM).

HBC VN: plans to submit to shareholders for approval 2023 business plan with revenue of VND12,500 bn (-11.5% YoY) and PAT of VND125 bn.

KDC VN: invested VND196 bn in TA Foods and Spices, equivalent to 98% ownership, in which its main business is processing and preserving fish sauce.

Comment: Always like the idea of this company

MSN VN: approved the transfer of all shares currently owned at Masan MEATLife JSC to Masan Agri JSC, a member company. The purpose of the transfer is for internal restructuring in the field of agricultural production and business.

Comment: I just wish that the corporate transparency was better here as their businesses will benefit from the multiple growth levers of the country, but there’s a bit too much…how can I put it politely…no I can’t…fuckery in the transactions.

NVL VN: agreed to issue to Dallas Vietnam Gamma Ltd a number of convertible and non-convertible bonds and warrants to purchase common shares of the Company.

Comment: The faster they accept that they’re broke, broke as [insert your own profanity], the better the market will be.

TNG VN: reached, in February, sales revenue of VND375 bn (+13% YoY). For 2M2023, sales revenue reached VND771 bn (equivalent to 92% of sales revenue YoY).

VHC VN: announced the decision to receive the transfer of the right to use aquaculture land in An Giang province with total area of 80,960 m2 with the transfer amount of more than VND15 bn.


  1. Vietnam expects to rake in between 800,000 to $1 bn worth of sea culture product exports by 2025. Also by the time, the total area of sea culture is set to hit 280,000 hectares with an annual yield of 850,000 tonnes.
  2. From 1st to 15th February, Vietnam’s export turnover of goods reached $13.4 bn. Accumulated from the beginning of the year to the first half of February, the country’s exports reached $37 bn USD (-$3.75 bn YoY).
  3. Vietnam’s consumer price index (CPI) in February grew by 0.45 % month-on-month, fueled by higher prices of oil, petrol, gas, and rental houses.
  4. Vietnam is estimated to have recorded a trade surplus of US$2.82 bn during the initial two months of the year.
  5. Singapore poured US$978.4 mn into Vietnam in the first two months of this year, making it the biggest investor among 51 countries and territories investing in Vietnam, according to the Ministry of Planning and Development.
  6. Commercial banks have agreed to reduce deposit interest rates by a maximum of about 0.5 %age points from March 6th, led by a group of state-owned giants.
  7. The Ministry of Construction has suspended the proposal of a credit package of VND110,000 bn and agreed to implement the proposed package of VND120,000 bn announced by the State Bank in developing social housing.

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