Notable Transactions

Buy(s) THB 562 mn

  • JMART – The Founder is still buying up shares, another THB 100 mn.
  • RAM – The MD and a Director want to join in the party of the upcoming stock split?
  • SPALI – Family members continue to buy shares in their co.
  • HEMP – The CEO buys shares (from?) in this oddity of a “hemp” play.
  • SPC – This is interesting, rare to see transactions in any of the Sahapat group names. Always thought that they were ripe for a buyout…but we haven’t seen a proper MBO in Thailand since SVI 12 years ago.
  • DITTO – A director of this “digital” play buys up some THB 35 mn of shares.
  • THG – He’s never stopped buying since the IPO

Sell(s) THB 224 mn

  • ICN – Chairman of the Excom does a block to? Another pump?
  • TWZ – Who’s going to pump this dodgy little player?
  • RBF – Another lot of management selling, this time into the market.

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