ADVANC may report Bt6,688m 3Q21, +2.7% yoy, as online-call center and AIS mini corner helped servicing clients during pandemic, while AIS fiber home internet rev showed promising growth, Tabloid.

Comment: The story for ADVANC is 1) sale of assets to a fund 2) True & DTAC merging and then the entire sector can start charging us more and making higher margins.

AOT spends Bt1.9b to develop basic infrastructure at its 723 rai land around Suvarnabhumi airport for commercial rental from December.

AAV adds 9 more routes from October to 20, with avg Load Factor at 75-80% in popular routes, Chiangmai, Chiangrai, and Had-yai.

Comment: Hello reopeningggggg, wouldn’t be surprised to see AAV do another recap/fund raise within the next 6 months.

BGRIM to acquire 90% stake in 14.1mw Poland’s wind projects from VisaVento Holding AG.

Comment: BGRIM is going to own power around the world…Thailand, Vietnam, Korea and now Poland.

CRD wins a 5 year contract for waste management contract from Chiang Mai municipality total Bt500.5m, expects future earnings more stable after diversify from construction business.

INTUCH appoints Kan Trakulhoon as Chairman of the board & Sarath Ratanavadi (GULF’s CEO) as vice chairman of the board, effective October 1.

Comment: Are you ready to watch sparks fly?

NRF teams up OR to distribute plant-based products at F&B unit, Texas Chicken, expects positive feedback from upcoming Vegeies festival October 6-14.

Comment: Great distribution channel to shove fake rubbish into buyers mouths (note: this doesn’t mean I don’t think that this plant-based rubbish will take off…)

OR teams up with Flash Express to open parcel drop off kiosk at Café Amazon, 1st phase 71 locations nationwide, to capitalize on fast growing e-commerce, plans to ramp up Café Amazon outlet in oversea to >1,000 by 2025 from current 298.

Comment: That’s one way of utilising locals. We’ve been wondering how/if PTG can do the same for some time. Each petrol station can effectively become a logistics point throughout the country..

SIMAT sells silk screen name plates & label stickers, Hinsitsu (HST), to OTO for Bt175m, expects transaction completed by end of October.

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