Earnings season is done.

Want to know how it looked? Voila below

  • Overall 4Q23 earnings dropped to Bt178bn (+4% YoY, -38% QoQ,), 23% below the consensus estimate. FY23 earnings dropped 6% YoY.
    • YoY the SET and & MAI profit THB 965 bn vs THB 1 trn, -6%. Not too bad but heavily driven by the Financials doing well. I’ll comment more later on this in a random thoughts…

    As for the market…well…let’s see, dividend season is coming, I’m seeing several names with 6-10% yields that are interesting. Overall flow remains rubbish…and as superman mentioned to me…cookie munster (IVL) seems to have start selling, feels like Papa has come back to the company and realised that his minions went wild with odd acquisitions and now they’ll have to dump a few positions.

    Note: This is posted on 07/03

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