ASIAN sets Bt11.3b revenue target this year from aqua and pet food, sets Bt535m capex to boost production efficiency for future growth.

Comment: Will the petfood story come back again? The business is there and stable on a volume basis (granted there was that covid pump)

INSET sets 15% revenue growth target, focusing on data center construction contracts.

NAT eyes 30% FY24 revenue growth target driven by Bt665m backlog pending to realize till end of-FY25, expects to secure additional contracts from ongoing bidding, including IT infra contract, cyber security & cloud solutions, pays Bt0.025 XD Apr 29.

Comment: These Thai “tech companies” are not “tech” companies by the Silicon Valley dream definition. They are system integrators, value them as such.

NRF firms on plan to open 12 Bamboo Mart stores in UK this year, mulls adding more foods & agriculture products to fill demand for Asian products, target FY24 revenue growth >30%.

Comment: No, they’re going bankrupt one day, this owner doesn’t know what he’s doing. I wonder how much shareholder capital has been destroyed by his deals.

OTO: name changed to Peer for You, ticker changed to PEER, effective tomorrow.

Comment: If you trust this name…after this name change…I don’t know what to say to you.

SAPPEā€™s board approved Bt750m investment 2 new beverage production line, expects to add 66ktpa to 242,500 tons, aims to reduce OEMs hire & support organic growth, pays Bt2.18 XD Apr 24.

Comment: The business is going to continue being fine, the risk for the shares is that the growth rate is going to decline….and then? Granted I completely missed this run up and I’m always trying to figure how the hell to track a consumer brand in Thailand and when it takes off – because these are the real moonshots.

  1. peter satrapa-binder

    ASIAN: if the pet food story will come back indeed I’d believe that AAI or ITC would be more interesting than ASIAN.

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