Europe is screwed economically, done.

But SE Asia…peak currency weakness? Equity markets doing alright, look at TH, barely moved this year, granted it didn’t go anywhere for 5 years…but FDI is picking up in this country (China is bad for business, finally people have realised this…), tourism figures are already back to the pre-wuflu run rate (excluding the mainland visitors). Plc’s showed great figures…the PM could be gone by March 2023, dare I say it, TH could outperform over the coming 6 months?

  1. peter satrapa-binder

    i agree that europe will be screwed at least for a year or so, if not longer. the question is only: if europe is screwed and probably so is china (internal: property, real estate biz, lockdowns; external: see europe, one of their main export markets being screwed), how good will SEA/thailand hold up, especially tourism and export?

      • peter satrapa-binder

        ok, that is true, but i wonder whether it will be sufficient to replace any declining business with europe if europe goes belly up.

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