BJC mulls adding Covid medications via 146 branches of Pure Pharmacy and Siri Pharma nationwide after National Communicable Disease Committee allowed hospitals, clinics & drug stores can procure Covid medicines from September 1.

Comment: Coming to you from the family whose insurance company screwed over their customers

TH meat producer, Betagro, to raise Bt20b (US$554m) via IPO, the 2nd largest TH IPO of FY22 after TLI’s US$1b in July, book build is underway, BofA Phatra & Bualuang Sec are joint lead managers.

Comment: And now we’ll see the numbers of BTG (ticker for betagro) and then perhaps shareholders/investors may comp tfg/gfpt/btg vs cpf and wonder wtf is going on with cpf

BTS reported >90% completion of 2 monorail routes (Pink & Yellow line), trial run in October, target cod early next year.

Comment: And if politics gets out of the way then the future is secured for BTS Group.

CPW expects sales jump 4Q from iPhone 14 lineup and new Apple watch models after debut this Wed (Sept 7), full year contribution of larger sales network via IBIZ Plus, growing online sales, tailwind from Samsung & Nothing Phone to boost earnings.

Comment: Consumers still love their iphone, can’t fill up your car? Doesn’t matter, need an iphone!

GUNKUL to start booking revenue from installing 100MW solar system for ADVANC’s telco towers early next year, its JV in GULF-GUNKUL Corp target 1,000MW within 5 year.

Comment: So what point do GULF and friends take a minority stake in GUNKUL?

ITD wins Bt1.72b construction contract to build 2nd hospital for Dept of Correction.

Comment: Should be building prisons for the owner instead…with escape tunnels.

JDF’s joined with partner in exporting to VN, as well as OEM for VN firms, covering F&B, confident of 25% revenue growth target this year, plans launching protein snack in 3Q.

MEGA sets Bt506m budget to revamp health supplements production plant in TH & Indonesia, expand line to plant-based products.

Comment: One of those great companies that keep compounding growth and never drop to a cheap enough valuation….

PRM sets Bt1.8b capex to add 3 more ships to its fleet, with immediate revenue recognition in 4Q22.

Comment: 2H22 is going to amazing for this co.

SAPPE sets 3X revenue growth in 5-year to Bt10b, on exports and product price adjustment in 4Q.

Comment: Been the dark horse in the industry, going from strength to strength, appears to have a hit drink and just look at their figures, question is sustainability of it….rarely do these things last…enjoy the ride for the next 6-9 months (just look at any of the drinks players that had a hit in the past)

TIP teams up high value health-related data provider, Cariva, to jointly develop insurance products & individual health screening via data analytic & AI.

Comment: An underrated insurance player.

UTP sees kraft paper sales volume -20% QoQ to 60k tons (Bt1.2b) as demand shrink on rainy season, softwood pulp price -30% QoQ to provide cushion, expects meaningful turnaround in 4Q on holiday season.

WORK: local fund, KSAM, cuts holding by 0.0516% to 4.9749% of total outstanding on September 1.

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