What a rubbish market. There’s not much else I can say. But it’s just been a rubbish market.

Earnings season done. Will post on it later. But if credit growth is negative/flat, well that doesn’t bode well for the rest of the year, and unless parliament approves a lot of stimuli, this country’s consumer/economy is going to be absolutely dog$hit in the 1H24. And perhaps this is the case for the majority of economies globally, a population locked down, most (as a % of total global population) didn’t receive a handout, have higher debt, an SME extinction event and now the economies are going to be even more reliant on government spending.

  1. What a Disappointing Market…while Dow, Nasdaq or even the Export related German Dax are not to far ATHs ..
    MSCI EM also a Mess for Years …it never worked to put completely different Economy’s like ( for example) China or Brasil in one Basket..

    For Thai Stocks it seems like Thailand’s full Bet on China was not the best Decision…

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