BGRIM cod 140mw co-gen powerplant Bgrim Power Ang Thong 3 (BGPAT3), lift total capacity to 3,970mw from coded project.

CHAYO mulls selling IPO of nano finance subsidiary, Chayo Capital (CCAP), up to 25% of paid-up, enable to CCAP to access various form of funding by themselves, flexibility in accessing funding sources, increases growth opportunity thru organic or inorganic growth via M&A or strategic partners, expects to submit filing within 1H24.

Comment: Well….it’s a poor performing sub, in a market segment where they can’t price risk properly (charge high enough for the risk they are taking on)

DELTA and INTUCH are likely to be removed from SET50 from Jan 2024, unless SET decides to relax the 2% turnover ratio criteria, while KCE is likely to be added, Tabloid.

Comment: Let’s see….would love to see these 2 names out…

HMPRO CEO says that 1H23 trading condition was good but 2H23 less so with consumer spending not recovering which could lead to lower revenue growth than 5-7% guidance.

Comment: The Thai consumer is broke.

KBANK teams up OR to provide solar rooftop loan for PTT gas stations owner nationwide.

M keeps 10-15% FY revenue growth target, ramps up promo to boost dine-in traffic on holiday season, additional capacity from 10 new branches to boost 4Q earnings, expects margin recover as raw material costs dropped.

OR begins selling EURO 5 emission petrol at 226 PTT Stations on Dec 1.

ORI said to postpone planned listing of its One Origin (ONEO), due to unfavorable markets.

Comment: So….they aren’t able to sell properties?

PRM upbeats 4Q earnings from robust Oil&Gas transports traffic, 5 FSU back to full operation, 4 new vessels on schedule to recovered in 1Q24, sees potential upside if chem market pick up next year.

Comment: Upside is obvious…market isn’t pricing it in…this applies to several names atm…

TFG expects margins recover on improved domestic swine selling price following crack down of illegal swine products imported, expand retail branches (Thai Food Fresh Market) to expand market penetration & stretch margin, maintain 10% FY revenue growth target.

TRC: Industry Minister says that it is supporting the concession holder in obtaining financing and look for potash production to start by 2027.

Comment: The neverending story of the potash mine continues…one day it will happen…

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