We’re still in the midst of earnings season and guess what…several companies are reporting better than what most have expected….people still forget that TH only opened up in May/June this year…

B-b-b-but russian/ukraine, inflation, recession.

Wasn’t 2020-2021 already economically awful for this part of the world? I don’t care much about a “US Recession” it already is in one despite what their government tries to redefine as a recession.

B-b-b-b-ut interest rate hikes?!?

Yes cost of capital is increasing in several parts of the world – mainly the US…not here…hence why the adjustment is made in the currency (it’s nearly -20% versus the USD since the end of ’20) and yet the cost of borrowing has still remaining stupidly low for companies with decent balance sheets and this why I wouldn’t be surprised to see earnings continue growing…and if you compare the THB versus the GBP/euro/IDR/VND/PHP/YEN well….it’s actually appreciated in some cases…

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