BBL: credit cost is expected to descending lower from 4Q22 after set aside LLP in 2/3Q to tackle headwinds, NIM expansion from rate hike & repriced overseas loans able to offset soften fees & non-NII, 240% NPL coverage eo-3Q, CAR 18.2%, T1 15% reassure financial health.

Comment: If you want a pure corporate play, it’s always going to be BBL, they have no dreams nor desires to expand into consumer loans.

KLINIQ: EKH’s cosmetic & beauty clinic subsidiary, Klinique Medical Clinic, debut IPO 60m shares at Bt 24.5 apiece, KTB sec leads.

Comment: What a pump!

JKN: board approved Bt 504m budget to purchase 17 copyright contents to distribute in TH, CLMV, Bruni, Malaysia, S.KR, HK & Taiwan.

Comment: Desperate move? Or inspirational? Am curious upon what platform they’ll be planning to distribute this IP.

TU: adjusted pre-emptive ratio for subscription right of pet food unit I-Tail (ITC) to 34.9935:1 from 35.2662:1 prior.

Comment: Just being cheeky….

VL: 59.55m new shares from exercised warrant (VL-W1) 1:1 @ Bt 0.5/share tradable today.

WHA: board approved disposal of assets to WHART & WHAIR total Bt 8.37b.

Comment: And the funding machine continues, whilst AMATA continues to fart into the wind.

  1. Hey come on Pon. The pre-emptive ratio was altered by 0.8% – not even chicken shit. But the price is still not known. What do they do? They have any idea about what a spin off is?

    • Hahahaha, do realise 1/2 the time I’m entertaining myself with these comments….
      TU has great ESG ratings, great governance, I have total and utter faith in them doing what’s best for all stakeholders…

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