So DELTA gets put on the cash balance list and voila and what has held the market up for the past year has wobbled. Amusing….well there’s still a stock split coming and a rather useless SET Management in place that allowed DELTA to join the SET50 and artificially inflate the index…or conspiracy hat on, this allowed the SET to maintain a decent return despite the country’s weak economic performance, so everything looks great on paper?

Thailand is going on holiday, values are down -40% already for the past few days, actually they’ve been on holiday since last Tuesday and practically won’t be back at work properly until the 2nd week of May which is fireworks time as it’ll combine elections + 1Q23 earnings. Fun times ahead.

Btw hello US stock markets … Apple Sales decline -40% Then again just 7 months ago it was… Apples sales increase +40% … so com7 isn’t going to rock and roll this year?

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