DELTA’s shareholders approved par split from Bt1.00 to Bt0.10, pending SET’s announcement on the date.

Comment: And boom? Normally that’s the case, lets see this time around.

FTI sets >20% sale growth t/g this year, on rising demand for water purifiers and filters, mulls new products and branches.

GULF eyes few M&A in the US and EU this year, boosting oversea contributions to 40%, as well as 600MW hydro-PP in Laos in 1H23.

Comment: Is that because their edge in Thailand is gone or because there are just better opportunities overseas for their size?

JSP in collab with Medis Corp launch 24hrs Vending Pharmacy, target 100 machines by end of year and 500 by end of 2024.

SCB is keen to obtain a virtual bank license as part of its 5-year business strategy.

Comment: I mean, for what? What’s the point of this? It’ll just be additional costs on their books.

SNNP reaffirms 10% rev growth t/g this year, rising snack and Jele sales during Songkran, seen rising ratio of institutional shareholders after successful roadshow.

Comment: Given the heat…..shouldn’t all the drinks and snacks players be doing very well now?

SKR sets Bt250m capex to upgrade IT and services, firms on 14-17% rev growth t/g this year on rising patients and mobile hospital services.

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