And my fear for my commodity names ended up being correct, and I think great buying ops. Despite all this rhetoric about the end of the world and demand destruction, I just don’t see it being the case (for now – still a low a probability event)

The SET and most of the region (excl Vietnam) seems to have avoided the bloodshed of US Capital markets, but as I mention to everyone – the pain is in the currency for USD investors here…THB is -7% YTD. Though I think by August/September when the BoT begins its own rate hiking cycle you’ll see it reverse….not back to 30, but wouldn’t be surprised to see the THB back to ~34 within 12 months.

Now for the rest of the industries….let’s look into my magic crystal ball…analysts finally appear to be downgrading figures for FY22 and again I’m waiting to see how things unfold…no names are genuinely holding their prices regardless of how their figures look. July-Mid-August will be interesting to follow.

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