Last week’s announcement by ADVANC on its proposal to acquire fixed broadband provider Triple T Broadband (TTTBB) is expected to complicate the telecom regulator’s decision on the fate of the merger between TRUE and DTAC, with the sector becoming a duopoly.

Comment: It’s not complicated, its very straightforward, the next decade will see great cashflows for this sector as they’ll not bother fighting with one another.

FPI firms on 10% revenue growth target, on auto-part business growth, mulls investment in EV bike in India.

JMART keeps 50% revenue growth target, with JMT and SINGER to reach revenue projections.

Comment: It’s just a question of whether you believe them to achieve this.

LPH sees strong 2Q on higher patients and rising covid-related treatments, expects solid momentum into 2H, as reopening helped boosted oversea patients, especially Cambodia and Arab, to open social security center by September, keeps 20-25% revenue growth target this year.

MAKRO in collab with Internal Trade Department to launch promo sales for 5,000 consumer product items until September 6.

Comment: What about MAKRO’s THB 120 bn debt of which 50% is in USD and based on LIBOR.

ORI’s firm in Bt35b presales this year, 31 pjs in total worth Bt42b, rate hike prospect may see buyers making quicker decisions.

Comment: Major listed players are gobbling up the market share

PSH keeps Bt31b presales target this year, and 17 projects worth Bt10b.

Comment: See above

SCB says completion of Bitkub’s acquisition deadline is extended, still in due diligence process. SCB announced in Nov last year that it’s acquiring 51% in Bitkub for Bt17.85b.
SCB mulls selling its asset management unit, SCBAM, valued at $1b – $1.5b, with huge gains.

Comment: Selling the cash cow to buy a front-running group?

SPALI sees growth momentum into 2H, despite imminent rate hike, confident in reopening and its promo campaign, plans 21 projects worth Bt19.29b in 2H, after 13 in 1H worth Bt20.71b.

Comment: See above

TKN sees 2H recovery on seasonal and reopening, exports over 100 containers/month, with 40-60% US exports growth, keeps 15-20% revenue growth target.

Comment: But the founder never bought back a single share sold

  1. They may be junior sub-committees of the NBTC, but as an investor in DIF, I find it concerning that there appears to be a some quite strongly held negative sentiments about the TRUE/DCTAC merger. You seem to be positive on the outcome, as well as the ADVANCED/BBB merger. One thing for sure, I agree with you that a duopoly is gonna cost us peasants more 🙂 why do you think both deals will get aproved?

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