JMT, CHAYO and CHASE are expected to benefit from surged bad debts in 2H, SME, Hire-Purchase and mortgage are top non performing, Prachachart.

Comment: CHASE shouldn’t be lumped into this they’re a rubbish firm compared to CHAYO and far lower than JMT.

LPN launches Bt2.1b Earn Amata, a residential project, which offers 5-6% avg yield.

Comment: That’s not a decent yield

NEX sees strong interest on commercial EV from corps as expiring of diesel excise cut Jul 20 triggers biz to react to curb costs, mulls adding dealers to expand coverage, firms on Bt20b FY revenue target.

Comment: Crony Capitalism. I want to see this company down to 0. It doesn’t deserve any positive valuation.

SAMART: trades XB for subscription right of subsidiary IPO, Samart Aviation Solutions (SAV), 100:1 tomorrow.

SPALI launches 2 SDH project Supalai Palm Ville Sampran-Petchakrasem & Supalai Ville  Bang Kaem-Nakhon Pathom total Bt1.75b.

WARRIX to open 1st phase of concept store at Siam Square by end of July, full scale in August, rolls out national jersey & souvenir to boost sales during FY23 King’s cup Sept 7-10, in talk JV overseas distributor partner to expand regional sales.

Comment: So you’re paying 40x PE for this company…whilst I do call them the McGroup for sportswear in Thailand, and the license with the National Team of Thailand & Myanmar is impressive etc, I can’t defend this valuation…Unless we slap 0.1% discount rate on it’s cash flows…

  1. Nex is run by the same people that ran Bestlin. They took an absolute bath on the NGV bus project when they tried to evade the taxes by rerouting the Chinese made buses through Malaysia. It’s still being dragged through the courts as we speak.

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