Mentally I’m on holiday mode. The market looks like it is as well. But now the global markets, or let’s be frank the US markets which effectively has sucked all the capital in the world, appears to be pricing in cuts for next year.
Now I’m no squiggly line expert but last year the USDTHB went from 38 to 32.6 in 4 months, I wonder if we’ll see a repeat this time from 37 to 33-34? Impact on the SET? Looks like it’ll be minimal…but this domestic market needs all the help that it can get…

  1. We see Thai retail investors presently only make up some 29% of total trading lately, or much less than half of years past.This on top of continued massive foreign institutional selling all year long. Sad.
    Wonder if mgt. and the SET start asking themselves, why. Beyond just blaming foreign factors.
    It did not have to be this way and it will be interesting to see if any Thai broker and other reforms take place?. If not, it will just keep dwindling down or sideways..
    maybe for years to come. Oh well.

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