BCPG’s sold all 116.96MW solar PP in JP, to book Bt3b gain in 1Q24, eyes investment in the US for higher return, target 4X capacity expansion to 1,900MW by 2025.

Comment: The Japanese government is not expanding solar power projects…that era is over.

CHO sees stronger 4Q yoy on higher orders, boosting backlog to Bt988m, issues Bt1b worth of CD via private placement.

JTS is on SET’s trading alert list on Dec 15 due to unusual movement of price and trading volume, will trade under cash balance till Jan 5, 24.

Comment: Oh you’ll do this but not call out the obvious naked short-selling that occurred in the markets?

PTT: Newspaper report that government is looking to force PTT to lower gas price in order to maintain electricity tariff around the Bt4.10/unit level.

RAM forgo right to subscribe 4.05m shares newly issued shares of THG’s Thonburi Rangsit Hospital total Bt 405m, holding will be diluted to 25% from 40% post RO, to reduce investment proportion to align with investment strategy & business directions.

Comment: That’s also because RAM doesn’t have the b/s to do this.

TNP sees strong 4Q on seasonal and tourism recovery, to open 2 more branches in Dec, sets 10-15% revenue growth target next year, Bt120m capex for 6 new stores.

Comment: Still like the idea of this northern supermarket chain.

SPALI: Lendlease sells 12 Australian projects to Supalai Australian Holdings and Stockland for combined A$1.3bn. Supalai will hold 49.9% of the project.

UNIQ: expressway authority (EXAT) order 7 days construction suspension following a false crane accident at Rama 3 -Daokanong (Section Rama2) on Dec 15.

Comment: A contractor that boomed during Prayuth’s era and has subsequently flopped in more ways than 1 one…

  1. As long investors in the SET and running the oldest/leading web site on independent professional views of Thai stocks since 1997, we are appalled at a seeming new practice in not issuing warrants to various NVDR holders, evenwhile these do have a Thai address. This is appalling and unacceptable to all us foreign investors which live here -and do have a proper Thai address.

    As stated at the SET, NVDR holders are entitled to all shareholder rights, except the right to vote. We here will advocate to stop all trading into the new year 2024, until this NVDR entidelt warrants issue, is resolved.
    Example, both Demco and BRR this year, and there are likely others, NVDR’ holders did not get their free warrants and this of various nationalities(!), even to those which have a proper Thai address!
    Totally unacceptable to Foreign NVDR holders, and if not resolved will post this on my front page. FYI.

    Best Regards,
    Paul A. Renaud.
    http://www.thaistocks.c om

    • I have never experienced what Paul has mentioned, but if him and his cohort have experienced this then it is an obvious issue. International funds = such as ours – no issues.

      • Forfeiting shareholders rights to foreigners living here is a fragrant discriminatory practice “I ask the SET they said they it’s up to the legal of other countries too“ , what nonsense. So upon checking, the SET seems to sanction this. If this is the new norm/way, individual investors and expats will rightly should divest out of Thai stocks. Ha, So if Thai people invest overseas, then overseas non-Thai stock exchanges will so also ask Thai investors, to follow Thai law?

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