1. same-same but different. The well is empty and will continue to be so, until the whole political system is restructured. I’d start by throwing Sutep and his ilk in jail, just for the hell of it. Then there is the education system, the police and….yawn….

    • lots of private debates recently.
      at the end of the day if a society is raised to where leaders, bosses, managers etc etc do not accept blame, how can things change?

  2. Bang on observation. It all starts with the educations system. The only bright outlook (I’m guess this ) is that the impact of social media has opened the doors for another progressive political party to rise up. Then,and not ’till then will the educational system be demolished and rebuilt. As I wrote in the BP Postbag the other day, it will take a real government to do that. 🙂

    • Won’t happen in our lifetime – institutions of military, monarchy, courts are too ingrained.
      The story is the same, only the actors change.

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