AWC: cod 72 villas luxury resort, Banyan Tree Krabi.

BBL, KBANK, TISCO passed BOT’s stress test, expects official announcement from BOT within next few days, tabloid.

Comment: BBL and KBANK both raised capital, TISCO hasn’t yet, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them require new capital next year.

GULF: confirms cod schedule of 2.5k mw GSRC power plant, 625mw each in 4 phases from Mar-21, Sept-21, Mar-22 & Sept-22, additional 2.5k mw from GPD pp to cod from Mar 24.

PSH: kick-off transfer of Bt 2.7b condo, The Reserve Sukhumvit 61, expects momentum accelerate as 97% of the project sold.

Comment: The transfer rate will be 50% if they are lucky.

WHAUP: signed a 15-yr contract for demineralized water sales with GPSC phase 2 worth Bt 1b, cod from December.

Comment: WHA as a group are just far more proactive than AMATA

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