This has been an absolute dog$hit period for the SET, at least we can say we’re not in HK nor Chynaaaaaaaaaa.

But frankly even I’m running out of things to comment about this market. Let’s just bring down below book value so that we can start another bull market, perhaps throw in a discount rate of 7%, and let the USDTHB fall to 45-50. Thailand needs a good shock.

Perhaps a government could grow some 8alls and cancel the current concession/private-public deals that are in place which are ruining the balance sheet of the country as the government is overpaying for several of the infrastructure projects. Hmm this is a rant that would have to be expanded upon.

  1. Yes, Thai SET remains in the doldrums for many reasons as I point out for long. Not least, most brokers just pumping speculating for years vs. investing, then lack of SET reforms, lethargic Thai economy for long already and “no light seen beyond the tunnel” of late seemingly discriminating practices to individual Expats whom invest here by select forfeiting their rights to free warrants, as NVDR holder! In the meantime as Pon points out Chinas & HK stocks are on average 60% cheaper then Thai stock averages, evenwhile their economy is growing 2-3 times faster…not least being the absolute global leader in green energy/EV cars…
    “China installed 217 gigawatts worth of solar power last year alone, a 55% increase, according to new government data. That is more than 500 million solar panels and well above the total installed solar capacity of the U.S. They appeared everywhere from the deserts of Inner Mongolia to the mountains of southwest China to rooftops across the country, including on the Great Hall of the People on the edge of Tiananmen Square. Wind-energy installation additions were 76 gigawatts last year, more than the rest of the world combined….” WSJ, Feb 11 2024.

    Wall Street Journal, Feb. 11th 2024.

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