ADVANC mulls adding more partners to join point reward programme, aims to draw more BB & mobile subscribers, lower marketing exp, expand ecosystem & enhance revenue upside from existing customers.

AEONTS signed partnership with FWD Life Insurance to be selling agent for FWD products via AEONTS’s branches.

BCH, CHG, and BDMS are prime beneficiaries after Social Security Office adds sleep test and obstructive sleep apnea to eligible treatment and for its members, Tabloid.

CENTEL reaffirms solid 1Q24 from strong OCC & RevPar, improved margin on food unit as raw material costs drop.

EASTW’s board decided not to appeal against Treasury Dept and selection committee of water distribution system in EEC area as company risk not winning the case in the Supreme Admin court and consume great deal of time and resources, keen to maintain good relationship with government agencies for future business project which will be associated & require permission or consent from authorities.

Comment: EASTW received a tap on the shoulder.

KBANK’s current provision already incorporate with risk associate with ITD potential bonds default, focuses on assets quality and fees to cope with decelerate economy, eyes 3-5% loan growth target, NPLs <3.25% at end of year.

Comment: 3-5% for loan growth??? Thailand’s GDP is fooked this year. Now one person has commented that perhaps this is due to…UOB and LHBANK taking the market from the others…

MALEE is expected to report 4Q23 turnaround from higher juices and canned fruits sales on higher demand for hamper & new year gift yoy, wider margin from premium range (Malee Fruit Fresh) new line of coconut products (Malee CoCo) sales in S.KR & China, Mitihoon.

Comment: This turnaround story has been on the cards for the whole year of 2023. Let’s see how sustainable/real it is.

WARRIX upbeats 1Q earnings from robust sales of TH national team kit & jersey on Asian Cup Tournament, healthy demand for FY24 collection, TH advance to final 16 in Asian Cup fuel momentum.

Comment: They’re up against mainlanders that work 24/7 and don’t mind flooding the country w/ cheap rubbish

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