It’s going to be an interesting period.

  • Reopening themes will return stronger
  • Commodities may still continue their run
  • Bad debt is going through the roof, this latest wave was a proper nail in the coffin to the last standing few, that haven’t adjusted their business models.
  • Anyone else notice the strong performance of the MAI over the past 12 months?

Despite my tone sounding rather negative I’ll give a few good things out there.

  • The recovery will be far sharper than people realise.
  • I know independent F&B’s that are rocking and rolling, they went online quickly, used social media well and are beating the chains. This applies to several private businesses. Opportunities are there.
  1. Guess the nai is rocking due to the influx of new investors speculating. sure has made it more interesting now its out of a coma

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