ASAP in talk M&A insurance broker, seeks to branch out from car rent, used cars sales business, launches mobile app penetrate individual clients, target 100k users by end of year.

Comment: I am curious to see where this fellow takes his company. I enjoyed talking with him years ago. One of the few people that brought

AS upbeats 2Q earnings from 5 new PC & mobile games, expects positive momentum continue in 2H from surge download in Vietnam, mulls tap in Indonesia & SEA markets, eyes 15% revenue growth target.

BEC sees double digit growth this year from TV, oversea contents sales, and digital platform.

Comment: Once they fired their expensive CEO who tried to spin a digital story and they focused on their core business, it looks like BEC may pull a rabbit out of the hat and make a profit this year.

BGRIM sees 2Q turnaround from surging electricity usage from industrial clients, will sign additional 40mw PPA within 2Q, expects all time high profit this year >Bt3b.

JKN reaffirms solid 2Q from revenue recognition of JKN18 channel debut on April, tailwind from home shopping & health supplements products, backlog from contents selling business, maintaining 15-20% FY21 revenue growth target.

Comment: A lot of noise being made by the owner. A lot hasn’t come to fruition.

KSL anticipates strong 2Q momentum from sugar supply disruptions and draught impact pushed selling px higher, ethanol subsidiary (BBGI) to lost on the exchange this year.

Comment: Sugar up – sugar company up. This was me speaking in baby language with friends last year. KSL is actually a poorly managed company and will not benefit from the rise in sugar prices. Regardless – sugar up – sugar company up.

LOXLEY’s expected to book Bt3b windfall from winning court case against state lottery office in 3Q and pay special dividend.

MICRO sees 2Q better than 1Q, on higher lending growth, NPLs may edge higher, but well within 3% target, keeps 30% outstanding loan growth at end of year at Bt4b.

Comment: The whole industry is expanding massively. Loan sharks upcountry are seeing their market share being eaten up.

PTG plans to list two subsidiaries on SET, Atlas Energy and PPP Green Complex this year and in 2Q22 respectively.

Comment: And until then they’ll have to deal with low margins from the higher oil prices.

PTT signs MOU with Foxconn Technology Group for Co-Op in EV investment project.

TRIS raises TIDLOR’s rating to A from A-, stable outlook, reflecting strong financial.

Comment: Quality Thai rating’s agency. They just IPO’ed naturally the balance sheet looks better + lower cost of borrowing.

TU taps in healthy meal business, aims to expand household segment to mitigate risk from hotels & F&B slowdown.

Comment: is asleep at the wheel here. They can’t move from being a pure commodity player.

UWC expand telco tower installation business in Phil, aims to boost oversea revenue to 50% from current 10% within FY23.

VGI sets 50% revenue growth target this year to Bt3.8-4.0b, while GPM at 20-25%.

Comment: That would be returning to 2020 (financial year) levels.

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