Mr Chanitr said market capitalisation from new IPO securities could beat the SET’s target of 210 billion baht. So far, 190 billion baht in market capitalisation has been added to the two markets from newly listed securities.

Here are the facts:

  • IPO’S YTD: 28 on both the MAI & SET worth THB 140 bn (10 on the SET, 7 Property Funds/REITS, 11 on the MAI)
  • IPO’s to list in 4Q14: 15 are queuing up
  • IPO’s to list in 2015: 40 companies are expected to list.

Can you imagine the workload for research folk over the next 5 quarters? It is essentially an average of 1 new company a week, I find this to be fantastic because regardless of they perform on their first day/week/month/year, at any one point these newly listed companies will be attractive investments.

You can head on over to the SET’s website to see a list of upcoming IPO’s

Source: Bangkok Post

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