BIZ signed contract of linear accelerator (LINAC) cancer treatment machine with 2 hospitals combined worth Bt520m.

CBG anticipates 2Q revenue tops 2 year high, supported by larger energy drink market share at 24% 2QTD vs 20% at the beginning of year, wider margin supported by new canning unit, economy of scales, lower raw material costs, eyes 15-20% FY revenue growth target.

Comment: And just 6 months ago people though that this company was going to lose to OSP…..

CKP upbeats 3Q earnings from improved flow rate at Nam Ngum 2 hydro pp, eases pressure on gas-fired cogen power unit as gas price drop.

EA’s in talks with Chinese EV manufacturers, to utilize its excess battery production capacity.

Comment: “Can one of you quickly sign with me, I need to pump my stock price back up, pls pls pls pretty pls”

ERW sets Bt10b over next 6-year to expand budget Hop Inn chain to 150 hotels across APAC from 59, target a fourfold rise in revenue from its budget segment, currently 12% of group sales, by 2030.

Comment: Hop Inn makes sense…their only issue is balance sheet, how quickly can get really get to this number…or will they expand via the franchise model…

WICE keeps 20-25% FY revenue growth target driven by improved freight forwarding traffic on inventories restocking, sees margin continue to expand in 3Q on improved container freight rate, cross border service & air freight boost earnings, will wrap 1 M&A by end of year.

Comment: They are well positioned to benefit…the question is just is the hangover post covid bump over?

  1. peter satrapa-binder

    regarding EA, maybe is it rather like: ‘please, please sign with us fast and give us some cash advance on your orders really really soon, we need to pay our debts/interest for those urgently.’

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