24CS: wins infra work project from ICOCO (TH) valued at Bt75.35m.

JPARK reaffirms solid 1Q driven by delivery of parking solution project for State Railway, revenue recognition from Khonkaen airport parking management starts to kick in, larger parking slots under management yoy.

Comment: Do love the model, asset light, management fees, makes sense.

PTTGC’s board appointed Narongsak Jivakanun current COO (International business) to replace current CEO Dr Kongkrapan Intarajang, who will take on CEO role at PTT, effective May 13.

SABUY cancels investment in all ordinary share of AS thru conditional voluntary tender offer, due to failure to secure sufficient credit facilities from financial institution in proper time for the tender offer for AS securities.

Comment: LOOK CAN WE CALL SABUY CROOKS YET? Well I have been, they’re full of shit, haven’t achieved anything etc. Why aren’t their shares at 0? Seriously what’s the value in this POS?

STOWER mulls bidding for Bt5b transmission tower project from EGAT, aims to secure at least 20-25%, will book gains from disposal of telecom tower in Philippines in 2Q24.

TU sees softer 1Q, as it’s forced to cut price of tuna products on falling tuna raw materials, but still expects sales growth to return to 3%-4% in 2024, 17%-18% GPM, Bt4-4.5b capex.

Comment: Treat this company as a commodity player.

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