BTG: target 5-10% FY24 revenue growth supported by improve swine sales volume & selling price, lower SG&A after revamp distribution channel & cost control.

Comment: Usual story…play the margins. When margins are rubbish …wait 6-12 months. Bottoms.. buy…wait..margins expand….sell..usual.

CHG: targets 15% FY24 revenue growth supported by strong volume from both local & international patients, larger base of SSO patients in terms of both volume & value, seeks to expand revenue intensity with more focus on complex treatment to yield higher margin, plans to increase IPD beds to 1.7k by FY28 from current 911 beds end of FY23.

KTB: reassures no extra provision required for FY24, target 3% FY24 loan growth, NPL <3.25%, maintains coverage ratio >170%, cross selling products to boost fee income.

Comment: And in 3 years all the COVID issues will have magically disappeared. And the banks will continue to make great NIMs, and all is well in the thai banking world.

SCB: teams up with WeBank to form consortium for virtual banking license.

Comment: This digital/virtual banking license is a joke.

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