BCP – Bangchak aims to expand at home, overseas for stable growth — Beyond its existing businesses including refineries, petrol stations, convenience stores and supplementary businesses at its service stations, the company will focus more on alternative-energy production, especially electricity produced by solar cells, said president Vichien Usanachote. Bangchak has opened its first petrol station in Myanmar and also ships lubricants to distribute in that country as well as Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Fiji and Kenya. The company plans to launch new businesses in those markets in the future as part of its diversification plan. (The Nation, 25/01/13)

HMPRO – Goal of 15% sales growth this year — HMPRO targets its sales to grow 15%YoY and plans to open eight stores at an investment of Bt400-450mn per store. It recently opened a new store in Chantaburi, which it expects to contribute Bt37mn in sales revenue per month. (Tun Hoon, 28/01/13)

Comment: HMPRO is a perfect example of how Thai companies have expanded from focused only on Bangkok to move upcountry over the past 5 years.

KBS – Gets Bt1.15bn loan for biomass project — BAY has provided a Bt1.15 bn for the construction of a 35 MW biomass electricity plant. KBS aims to sell the electricity to EGAT in early 2014. Management expects the electricity business will contribute Bt250-300mn to sales per year. (Khao Hoon, 28/01/13)

Comment: Very straight forward business to understand, this expansion is a natural add on to the sugar business

TICON – Says 2012 was a six-year high — TICON said its 2012 earnings hit a six-year high after sales reached target of Bt5.6 bn. In 2013, the company targets growth of 30%YoY, reaching Bt7.4-7.5bn. TICON plans to sell Bt6bn in assets to its property fund in the second half of this year. (Khao Hoon, 28/01/13)
Comment: Always liked this company, it was one of our first hits back in 2005, however given the high factory numbers and revenue base it has, we feel the company has gone from labelled as a growth stock to that of a value stock with a good dividend yield.

TIP – No provisions this year improves outlook — TIP said its outlook is better since it no longer has to make provisions this year. The company will partner with BKI, SCBSMG, and Deves Insurance to launch a new product capturing premium customers. TIP plans to list its subsidiary in 2H13. (Khao Hoon, 28/01/13)

  1. I own both TICON and TFUND, but I do not own TLOGIS. You mentioned in your email today that TICON will sell another Bt6bn in assets to their property fund in the second half of 2013. Do you know if the assets to be sold are slated for TLOGIS or TFUND?

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