7UP: Advance Capital partner cuts holding by 11.9023% to 2.9284% of total outstanding last Friday (January 22.)

Comment: And that means that this odd listed co has no major shareholder. Though someone must’ve taken the block from Advance Capital. Look at the Board, dodgy characters…

COM7 teams up Shopee to roll out online campaign, Shopee 2.2 Free Shipping Sales, to boost online IT & gadgets sales via e-commerce.

DELTA’s last day in cash-balance trading today, unless it is extended.

Comment: Funnymentals

GFPT expects healthy margins from strong poultry selling price ahead of CNY, higher capacity yoy from new slaughterhouse to support larger sales volume.

Comment: I do wonder re the impact of the increase in soybean and other raw mats.

NETBAY anticipates meaningful turnaround FY21 driven by higher revenue from e-customs, payment gateway and paperless EM/IM clearance & logistics docs services on global trades recovery.

Comment: The only thai “Tech” name that hasn’t run. Why? It’s linked to exports/imports which in volume terms are down.

PRM reaffirms solid 4Q from high OCC & margins from FSU biz, upbeats outlook on Oil & Gas transports from global recovery, large fleets size yoy and contribution from recently acquired Thai Oil Marine.

SEAFCO expects to secure at least 10-15% of total bidding Bt5.4b, aiming to lift backlog above Bt2.4b, mulls bidding for foundation work for high-speed airport rail projects, Orange & Purple line MRT and tollway projects later this year.

Glove makers, STGT, STA, may move after HART MK reported record quarterly profit at $247m, Bloomberg.

Comment: Now all these players are trading at single digit PE’s, cheap! or value traps? Your choice.

SUSCO plans to revamp exiting filling stations to boost non-oil revenue and maximize existing resources, adding food court, minimart & EV charging stations, plans to estimate 300 EV stations over next 3 years.

Comment: That’s effectively filling out all of its locations.

TKN founder/CEO, Itthipat Peeradechaphan and family sold 11.754m shares at Bt11.7678 average last week (January 20-22).

Comment: That’s just amusing, but they still own 50% the company.

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