AAI: local fund, KSAM, raised holding by 0.0951% to 5.0384% of total outstanding on Mon (Nov 14).

Comment: Need to spend more time looking into this name, but it’s been the key driver for ASIAN

ADVANC to proceed with TTTBB, JASIF investments, said its board, t/g to boost its BB subs base to 4.4m from 2 currently.

Comment: Et voila….no issues.

COM7 mulls adding 150 mobile & IT stores next year from current 166 branches, aims to open 10 healthcare venture stores with BDMS (Dr.Pharma), eyes 20% revenue growth target.

Comment: Depending upon the structure of the pharma stores, this could be a massive money printer for COM7. Soon the entire population of bangkok will be popping pills whilst buying their iphones…

POLY: rubber, silicone & plastic parts producers serving auto, med devices, home appliances and consumer products, Polynet, debuts IPO 120m shares at Bt6.8 apiece, KGI leads.

Comment: Well that was a useless pump…

STARK sees solid growth in 4Q, supported by >Bt10b backlog, while eyeing new bids in TH and Vietnam and high margin products, firms on >Bt30b revenue this year, vs Bt27.1b last year.

Comment: If it drops to 2 then it become’s stupidly attractive…now meh…they are an effective monopoly…

  1. peter satrapa-binder

    @ POLY being a useless pump: it seems that the market sees it the same way too – judging from the current share price development.

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