BAM scraps plan to establish distressed assets management jv with finance institution this year as banks delay write-off, Dailynews.

Comment: There’s only one financial institution this quasi-SOE could JV with and that’s KTB, another quasi-SOE.

CBG anticipates turnaround from 4Q onward after hurt by shrinking margin from high aluminum price, mulls adding more energy drinks formula to expand market share, eyes 20% sales growth next year.

Comment: Hello OSP, the bull is here and is going to take your market share.

HUMAN sees 20% average annual revenue growth in its 5-year plan, supported by workplaze platform and its plan to transform to holding co.

Comment: And now they’ve acquired another co, this time in the Philippines. Let’s see how well they manage businesses in multiple countries…

OR sees recovery in fuel sales in seasonal 4Q, FY23 capex to be approved by board mid-Dec, sets to add 100 and 400 service stations and Café Amazon, and list Oh-Kha-Ju in 2024.

SSP upbeat 4Q earnings from windfarm high season, contribution from 26mw JPN solar (LEO 1) cod-ed in Aug, maintains 30% FY revenue growth target.

TSE signed MOU with LH to install solar rooftop at clubhouses of 5 residential projects, combined 74.63 kWp, mulls expand to other projects.

Comment: Non-event.

WHA firms on record high profit this year, on >20% revenue growth, peaking in 4Q on transfer of 300 rais land to BYD, and 1,300 backlog, boosting land sale this year to 1,650 rais.

Comment: Now the question will be what are the network effects of BYD being in WHA, how many other additional factories are going to pop up there?

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