AAV may save as much as Bt800m after Cabinet cut jet fuel tax from Bt4.726/liter to Bt0.20/liter, Bt300m for THAI.

Comment: But it may not make up for the loss in demand. 

ADVANC, TRUE, DTAC, TOT and CAT have all submitted bids for 5G spectrums, with ADVANC and TRUE said to be vying for 3 out of 4 spectrum ranges in the auction scheduled for February 16.

Comment: This is going to be amusing.

AOT opens bid for Bt10.474b 3rd runway on March 5, offers bonus for airlines who gives 30 day advanced cxl notice, while offering 50% discount for airlines who fills in.

Comment: I wonder if this postpones the expansion plans for AOT? Hopefully not even though I did have the smoothest exit out of Thailand this morning. 

BEAUTY firms on 20% revenue growth target this year with 15% net profit, transforming into Int’l Beauty & Health Business, raising brand position, expanding into India, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar and VN, while keeping Bt50m sales/month in China.

CPF’s confident of reaching Bt600b revenue this year, sees limited impact from coronavirus and bird flu outbreak in China.

CPN maintained 9% FY20 revenue growth target from full year contribution of Central i-City mall in Malaysia and Central Village projects, re-price rental rate, higher revenue from residential property on condo transfer, will use proceed from disposal 4 assets into CPNREIT to re-payment debt in 2Q20, mulls special dividend from Bt4-5b gains.

Comment: That’s an impressive target set by CPN. 

MAJOR: GIC cut holding by 0.067% to 4.9903% last Thursday (Jan 30), SEC filing.

MINT plans to add 10-15 Burger King stand alone branches, focusing on community area and major city to fill demand for travelers and delivery services.

Comment: Questions abound over accounting impact on their leases.

TIP rolls out coronavirus insurance pkg Bt150 pa, offering Bt100k for medication, plus Bt1m cash hand out for assured terminally ill from the virus.

  1. Sometimes I get confused with some companies dividend policy..

    Some company are in loss (THCOM) and announces big dividends?
    A lot of companies doing not so well, declaring special dividends?
    Shouldn’t be better to allocate that capital in a more productive way?

    I can see market don’t buy, JAS for example 1.50 baht per share and price don’t go up.
    I named JAS but there are a lot of examples.

    Shareholders are surely happy to get paid now, but values of their investments are getting more and more reduced…

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