AAV: local fund, KASSET, raised holding by 0.2642% to 5.0528% of total outstanding on Tuesday.

Comment: I still wonder about who this mysterious saviour investor is to AAV.

ATTA said a spike in new cases in Thailand and other Asian countries is leaving little hope of reviving the short-haul market this year despite the country reopening more destinations.

BTS delays cod Pink & Yellow line MRT to March 22 as fresh round of pandemic (April to date) cripples ridership by 80% yoy to 180kpd from 800k.

EKH to sign 100 beds hospitel deal with partner in 3Q, lifts total to 700 beds in Samutsakhon province, sees positive momentum carry into 2H.

Comment: Watch this player. Under the radar relative to BDMS, CHG, BH, BCH.

JKN in 3-year deal to supply >1,000 contents for RS’ Chanel 8, while airing Chanel 8’s drama series on its JKN18.

NSL upbeats 2H earnings from strong bakery, sandwich & snacks sales from delivery services at 7-11, will add 2-3 items in 2H.

Comment: Several things happening here, at the end of the day you’re going to see a slight increase in revenues but a strong improvement in margins.

SAPPE launches Ruby Lady beauty drink, on sale at 7-11 and online, target Bt50m sale in 1st year.Comment: I’ve been impressed by their ability to remain relevant and maintain their market share.

SCC’s expected to report solid 2Q21, the strongest in 17 quarters, on higher packaging and petrochemical units, but may face a challenge in 2H due to higher petrochemical supply and elevated oil price, Tabloid.

Comment: Wouldn’t be surprised to see this name 50-100% higher over the next 2-3 years. Cement is what it is, petrochem’s will drive the numbers.

SOLAR: local fund, BBLAM, cut holding by 0.4722% to 4.5446% of total outstanding on Tuesday.

Comment: SOLAR’s share price has inexplicable risen strongly over the past 6 months. I haven’t seen a substantial change in ownership nor the board/management.

STECH: concrete building material producer, Siam Technic Concrete, debut IPO 203.5m shares at Bt 2.78/share, KTBSEC & RHB lead

.Comment: Same game, small float, small market cap, great first day.

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