AAV’s introducing new route from BKK (DMK) to India seaside city Visakhapatnam, tally total to 10 routes btw India and BKK, cod from Apr 9,24.

Comment: Looks like they are pulling tourists from TH to India.

AWC partner with PTT to install EV charging stations across 17 affiliated property including hotels, shopping centers & community malls w/ total of 50 chargers within this year.

Comment: Urgh…non-event. I hope none of these EV cars catch fire. Like the buses have in the UK.

BANPU signed Bt2.4b loan deal with ADB to support e-mobility business and expansion of 1.3GWh lithium-ion battery production facility in China.

Comment: Really? So in order to be climate change positive, this coal/power company can get cheap $ from an international finance agency to expand production of one of the dirtiest processes of an EV car. May I offer my services to act as a broker for these stupid deals pls? Seems to be a lot going on.

JKN reported disposal of 50% stake of Miss Universe Organization (MUO) franchise to Mexican business conglomerate, Legacy Holding, for US$16m (Bt581.92m) transaction to complete by end of September.

Comment: Well it’s at a discount, well done to the Mexicans. JKN needs to dump a few more assets to clear up their books.

SIRI plans 46 new projects worth Bt61b, aims for transfer growth of 10% to Bt43b by end of year.

SMD sees big jump this year after SSO gave green light for Bt7k med allowance for sleep disorder plus Bt20k top-up for CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine.

Comment: What??!? This was a stock that did well during the covid -era and ipo’ed, management seems to have a good understanding of government policies…

TFG eyes 10% FY revenue growth target driven by larger chicken exports volume to EU, JPN and China, wider margin from lower feed mill costs yoy and retail foods unit expansion (Thai food fresh market), target 500 outlets by end of year from current 330 branches.

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