Thai AirAsia (TAA) has announced mass layoffs, extended furloughs, and cut its fleet by 10% after struggling with the impact of the pandemic, despite the country’s reopening on Nov 1

Comment: And just after they said expected a full recovery

BA will reduce fleets size to 35 aircrafts next year from current 38, return additional 5 leased A320 in FY23, expects higher efficiency from lower maintenance costs on lower fleet type, improved utilization rate, target FY22 load factor >60% from 20k flights, 1.5-2m passenger, revenue within Bt4-5b, turn profit FY23.

Comment: They still benefit from their holding in BDMS

BAM’s confident of collecting Bt17.4b worth of debt this year, out of Bt84b outstanding, will speed up plan to set up AMC jv with commercial banks, after latest deal between JMT and KBANK.

Comment: Two q’s….What happens to the smaller players that can’t set up a JV? Has the BOT okay’ed these JV’s?

EGCO completed M&A transaction of 17.46% indirect interest in US renewable, Apex Clean Energy Holding, aims to utilize its expertise in wind, solar, storage facilities to gear toward carbon by FY50.

NRF to wrap up M&A deals on Amazon platform by end of year or early next, to list Nove Foods in the US or Europe in 3 year, keeps 50% revenue growth target this year.

Comment: They’ve had delays in revenue recognition due to the containership issues globally. The main question mark is whether all of these investments and partnerships that they have will materialise to anything significant.

RBF reaffirms 10-12% revenue growth target this year, sees solid 4Q21 after reopening.

UAC x QTC to expand EV charging station business, target 4 stations 12 outlets at 1st phase, 50 stations within 5 years, expects QTC expertise in transformer products, electrical EPC projects and alliance with global brand partner compliment to UAC power biz & exposure across CLMV.

Comment: I have been thinking that should the EV trend be required by governments, in Thailand they would have to re-electricify most of the country and that is beneficial for players like QTC. Of course the question is by when.

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