AAV’s 1.714b new shares from RO 5.7625:1 @ Bt 1.75/share tradable today.

Comment: Apparently the WHO has said that they recommend for countries to relax travel restrictions and remove the vax passports last night, hooray!

BA to resume 2 daily flights from SIA to Phuket to support sandbox & sealed route scheme from February 1.

KWM sets 10-15% revenue growth this year, boosted by recurring income under New S-curve via 3 subsidiaries, all in hemp and cannabis related business.

NUSA will acquire 8% stake in Wind Energy in share swap worth Bt3,550m. NUSA will buy 8.76m share of WE at Bt405 from individual, and will issue up to 3,940m share or 33% of its enlarged cap as payment.

Comment: Well well well, a dodgy listed co – slush fund for politicians & friends is now going into WEH. One can view this a positive that another listedco is getting into it and the IPO will happen, or that it may be an exit for selling shareholder of WEH into a liquid asset.

TK wins nano fin license as well as auto title loan & consumer loan licenses from BOT, target cod 2Q22.

TSTH reported 3Q21np (end of December) @ Bt586.2m, +1,477% yoy vs Bt37.14m 3Q20.

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