Thai AirAsia (TAA) predicts full recovery for Thai tourism in the next 2 years as international borders will gradually be opened by next year, while passenger traffic has yet to resume despite the country’s reopening on November 1.

Comment: Depends upon the definition of a full recovery. But w/o a doubt I still think tourism is going to return far stronger than people expect.

BAY sees positive growth momentum from auto refinance & car for cash business after 6M21 show Bt355b loans generated from this segment +13% yoy.

GCAP acquired remained 49% stake of P-loan & nano fin venture, Sabaijai Money, from Chinese partner, 9F international Holding.

GPSC expects earnings bottom out 4Q from unplanned shutdown of 328mw powerplants (Glow Energy Phase 5) since Aug 14, will bk insurance claims in 4Q, target resumption in Jan 22, will realize full year contribution of 30MWh semi solid battery plant next year, 1Gwh battery plant under JV Chinese partner, Axxiva, on track to cod FY23.

Comment: This is considered to be one of the EV plays in the market (alongside EA, PIMO etc)

MTC expects opex drops following heavy branch opening early this year, will seize opportunity on P-Loan & title loan as demand from credit growth on school reopen, demand for agricultural machineries on harvest season.

PTTEP was selected as a member of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) for the 8th year running.

RATCH: M&A transaction of Paiton & Saha Co-gen (SCG) to complete 1Q22, lifts capacity by 1,054mw to 9,346mw, 296.23mw co-gen powerplants in Indonesia to cod in Dec will realize contribution from 49% holding, firms on 10-20% FY21 revenue growth target, 29.7mw windfarm projects in Vietnam (Ecowin) to cod next year.

Comment: Just google “how many birds die from wind turbines a year” and then wonder about the ecological impact of this, and follow on with thoughts about this ESG/climate change bs.

SCB shareholders voted to support restructuring plan which will see SCB transformed to SCBx and listed on SET after share swap in March next year. Tabloid said SCBx may pay Bt5.1-6.2 extra dividend in Aug22.

Comment: And they’re targeting 20% ROE’s after this swap is done. Ladies & gentlemen I present to you the biggest bs artists in the banking industry. But does it matter? The share price could do very well with just 1 of their subs working over the next 12-18 months.

TOP sees momentum into 4Q, as GRM reached $7.5 level, on pinup demand post lockdown.

Comment: Oil Refiners are printing $ at the moment. Note a $4 GRN was considered great pre covid.

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