AAV’s building a super app off its existing mobile app and website to provide services such as e-commerce, delivery and payments. The app is to be available next month in Thailand and Asean.

BCPG to build 220KV transmission cable in Laos to cater for 500MW power transmission in 2022.

GULF’s new 1,066 capital increase share will be tradable from Monday September 28, 10:1 new @ Bt30

OSP may report Bt926m in 3Q20, +11% yoy from Bt6,684m sales, +6%, on growth in C-vitt drink and 10-15% capacity increases in drink productions, Tabloid.

Comment: C-Vitt’s capacity is actually expanding by +50% next year…the overhang on the share price has apparently been C-19 cases in Myanmar. 

SCGP, with expected market cap of Bt140-150b once listed in October, will likely be fast-tracked into SET50 at the expense of TCAP, and ERW in SET100, Tabloid.

Comment: We wonder if the packaging story is enough to maintain this valuation…

THAI’s opening its flight simulators to the general public and taking people around the country on sight-seeing flights for a fee to supplement its income.

UNIQ signed Bt849m contract to build South Lopburi bypass, including electrical works.

Comment: Are we going to see projects actually being bidded out now?

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